Natural rubber is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of a large number of products, thanks to its excellent elasticity and resistance properties. However, it is important that this resource is obtained in a sustainable manner.

The use of natural rubber instead of synthetic rubber (based on oil), acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees planted and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

We wanted to go a step further by getting the process of adhesion of the natural rubber sole to the shoe through a pressure-heat system (Vulcanization of rubber). Thanks to this system we obtain a maximum quality adhesion without using chemical products such as Cemen.

It also incorporates a natural air freshener with a pleasant aroma that prevents the absorption of bad odors.

Manufactured with the largest possible amount of recycled materials such as recycled PET and Polyester, which contributes to combating climate change through the re-use of plastics.

Every time there are more possibilities to manufacture footwear using fabrics that are obtained with environmentally friendly processes and our main task is to introduce the greatest amount of ecological innovation in our shoes.

The insole of our shoe models is resistant to deformation and breathable, which prevents moisture in the foot keeping it warm and dry.